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SAS BI Report Multiple selection

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SAS BI Report Multiple selection

Hello All,


I have an Urgent Issue related to SAS BI reports.

Suppose for Report , there is variable selection option to check mark option.


Example-  Suppose before opening any report, User has to open 2 countries data, then in Multiple selection ,the user need to select 2 marks(countries). Then it should give 2 countries data.


But the Problem is , it is giving only One selection data.

if I am selecting more than 2 or 3, then also it is giving one selection data only.


what the problem can be?


Can any one clear my issue, It will be very benifit for me.


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: SAS BI Report Multiple selection

Possibly you have another filter or data item that is causing only one country to display.


Does it do it for all countries you select or only certain ones? 

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Re: SAS BI Report Multiple selection

Are the prompts coming from a stored process? If so, are you using the workspace server as the execution server? If you are and the stored process is not part of an information map, then try changing the execution server to the stored process server.

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