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Remove Dashboard Indicator Name

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Remove Dashboard Indicator Name


When adding indicators on a dashboard, the names of the indicator are also placed. A way to remove this is edit the xml file of the indicator by deleting the value of the text.

Are there any other ways to do this?

BTW, This is for BI Dashboard 3.1


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Remove Dashboard Indicator Name

In BI Dashboard 3.1 ... I dont have access to that version any longer however I dont remember a mechanism available to accomplish this.

I know in BI Dashboard 4.3 you can remove the entire frame or change the indicator title displayed on the dashboard. Blogged about this recently:

~ Angela Hall

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Remove Dashboard Indicator Name

I just retained the indicator names. Client seemed not bothered by it when we presented the initial design.

Thanks for the link Angela. Will go over it. Now my wish is that client upgrades to the latest version. Smiley Happy


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