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Reading SAS WRS PDF's files in an iPad

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Reading SAS WRS PDF's files in an iPad

we have recently added some iPad's to our group and loaded Outlook email on them. When sending PDF files from WRS using distributor the PDF file is not available for viewing. if we forward the email to the iPad changing the email format from HTML to rich Text the attachment shows up.

Does SAS WRS generate emails all as HTML format or can this be changed to Rich Text? Note these are not the embedded HTML but the PDF attachment
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Re: Reading SAS WRS PDF's files in an iPad

There is a support tix on the Apple website that states this can happen when the email is sent to Outlook in RTF format.

Are you saying that the emails from WRS are in RTF format?

~ Angela
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Re: Reading SAS WRS PDF's files in an iPad

hi Angela

I read that too but I am actually saying the reverse. It seems that for us iPad reads it if the email is sent as RTF but not HTML but SAS WRS using distributor generates the email as HTML

Any clues you can provide as to how WRS generates the email might help us zero in on a fix

We are still on 9.1.3 not 9.2 and WRS 3.1 so I don't know if the new version integrates any better.
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