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Pre Defined Filters and Default Values

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Pre Defined Filters and Default Values

We are running Information Map 4.2 and Web report Studio 4.2 and SAS 9.2.

I am having a strange issue with pre defined filters and the default values assigned to them. I have created a set of date prompts From Date and To Date as shared prompts in Management Console with default values as follows.

From Date = 01/01/1960
To Date = 12/31/2050

I am using these prompts as filters in my information map to create a duration filter. and then using this filter in a report on web report studio. The first time when I select the filter I see the default values for the dates, but on subsequent access to the report the prompts come up with blank values and not the pre assigned default values. What and where do I have to set anything up so everytime the report is accessed the prompts come up with the default values set for them.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You
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