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Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports

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Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports


We're generating reports within a specified date range using section filters. When we navigate to reports using Report Linking feature the filters do not apply.

We're using Cross Tab Reports using Infomaps and a Teradata source, is there a solution for this problem??



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Re: Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports

Does your target report have prompts for date range? That is how you can pass the currently selected date in the source report to the target report.

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Re: Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports

We currently have a report with two sections. The first section uses a section filter to restrict the report to a certain date range (ex, Mar 05 - Mar 06). With report linking we're navigating to another section in the same report which should be in the same date range. We tried to use Min and Max functionalities, but it doesn't seem to work with Crosstab tables.

With prompts in the target report is it possible to pass the section filter values (user provided at run time) from the source report?

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Re: Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports

Even I am facing the same problem. My requirements is also same as Foxit's. Even we tried by taking min max functionalities...

But unable to bypass that.

Can anybody help?


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Re: Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports


I hope that I understand the problem correctly but you have a Report where user can use filter and you would like to send the values to other Report so it opens with same filter values. is that so?

in this case you have to link the reports to each other. This link should give you the idea:

If you don't have the possibility then you need the rights - SAS Web Report role "Advanced Report Creation: Create Report Links" should do the trick.

You can't make the link between the tabs in one report, though. What you have to do is to create new report with prompts for Date_From and Date_to and then link it to the first report. In this case new report will be opened in right date range and the user have a possibility to return to first report. It is not always what is needed but it works quite good. I'm using it in some reports. Users like it also.

Hope it helps.



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Re: Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports

If I understand correctly on what you are trying to do - I think you can only link to another report passing Character values - a date is numeric...

26174 - Using SAS® Web Report Studio to pass prompt values between linked reports


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Re: Passing Section Filters (date) to Linked reports


Did anyone has the answer for above question of using date prompt in report linking for crosstab??? Facing similar problem..

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