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Pass prompt values from stored process to web report

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Pass prompt values from stored process to web report

Is it possible to pass stored process prompt values to a WRS report built on an info map/flat table.  E.g. I have a prompt within my stored process for Region, stored process output is an html report containing a link to a WRS report which also prompts for Region.  Is there a way of sending the prompt value within the link?

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Re: Pass prompt values from stored process to web report


I am not sure about this....but as a work around you can directly call the stored process with prompt directly in web report studio,



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Re: Pass prompt values from stored process to web report


You can have a look on this way but not the solution it depend where you call you Stored Process.

Simply call your report via the URL as shown in the example below:
Example Report:

Report Name: Prompted Orion Product Report.srx(Report)

Report Folder: SBIP://Foundation/Shared Data/Reports/

Parameter Prompt (as definied in Information Map Studio): Please select one or more product group

Parameter Value (as definied in Information Map Studio) : Darts

Example Call:




Other supported parameters:

_report = the report URL (SBIP Path)

_useDefaults = set to true or false depended on whether report launcher should allow you open the report

even if not all prompts are specified. If set to true you don't need to specify values for prompts with default value.

saspfs_sessionid= existing remote session key (can be used to single signon from other SAS applications (e.g. Portal)

Note: In order to pass an existing 'saspfs_sessionid' to the launcher application you can also register the full URL link as 'Application' in the SAS Information Delivery Portal. This would allow you to store direct report links including paramters in a Collection Portlet.

Look at to :


These way ask the entry point (Web application, WEb STP application, IDP, WRS etc..), if you uses the Single Sign On, ect...

A other way could be also use dataset to share your parameter, or create a STP inside a WRS and link it with a second WRS.

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Re: Pass prompt values from stored process to web report

Thanks for your help.  I have tried the solution but can't get it working. This is the link I am trying:

Any further suggestions?

Also, can you please explain how I add the other supported parameters listed above to my link.

I have tried using thefollowing method to pull the url but I get an error message from my mail client (Lotus Notes 7) as the link is too long.  If somone could post a sample url with prompt value i'd be grateful.

Many thanks

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