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OLAP: Missing measure

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OLAP: Missing measure

I'm creating a report based on a cube, on that cube I have 2 measures with solve_order=2 and they both derive from the same measure, when test them in the SAS Information Map Studio everything works great.
My problem is when I create the report in WRS only one of those 2 measures will appear and the one that does not appears, only appears when it is the only measure in the report.

Here are my derived measures:
MEMBER '[CUBO_RACIOS].[Measures].[Real Mensal]' AS
'[Measures].[Real Mensal_1]*2,FORMAT_STRING="COMMAx20.1", SOLVE_ORDER=2';

MEMBER '[CUBO_RACIOS].[Measures].[coiso_mensal]' AS
'sum({[dim_tempo].currentmember.lag(iif([dim_tempo].currentmember.level.ordinal=1,1,12))},[Measures].[Real Mensal_1]), FORMAT_STRING="COMMAx20.1", SOLVE_ORDER=2';

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Re: OLAP: Missing measure

Do you experience the same results when you try the following options:

1. Have different solve orders (1, 2, 3) rather than the same number?
2. Remove the solve_order option altogether?

The solve_order option is utilized when measures are depending on one another. In your example below, the coiso_mensal measure doesn't depend on the Real Mensal measure.

Another question - which measure is appearing in WRS? Is it always & only the coiso_mensal? If so, another suggestion would be to modify the first measure's name so that no spaces exist. (i.e. "Real_Mensal" instead of "Real Mensal").

~ Angela Hall
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