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Need user feedback on report headers and footers

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Need user feedback on report headers and footers

Dear SAS User:
We are currently evaluating the designs for the header and footer tool in SAS Web Report Studio and we are interested in learning more about your needs with respect to this tool. The purpose of this study is explained at the bottom of this email. By clicking on the link below and completing the 11-item questionnaire, you will provide SAS with feedback that will help develop and improve future releases of SAS Web Report Studio. Please allow approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the survey.

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please contact Jennifer Cowley at

We really value your feedback and strive to use it to create products that fit your needs. Thank you in advance,

Jennifer Cowley
SAS Web Report Studio Usability Team
SAS Usability Laboratory / SAS Institute, Inc.
500 SAS Campus Drive / Cary, NC 27513

Purpose of study:
The purpose of this survey is to collect user’s (users’) opinions, needs and expectations about the current and future designs of headers and footers in Web Report Studio (WRS) reports. With your participation in this short questionnaire, we are ensuring that future designs will be aligned with the needs and expectations of our users. Thus, your feedback is extremely important to us!
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