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Need to create a SAS utility

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Need to create a SAS utility

I have to create a small desktop based utility (product) for my collage project using sas ,I know BASE SAS and Advance SAS very well,however I have never worked on preparing SAS utilities,If some one can guide me for the same,or let me know the start point it will be great help!

Thanking you in advance.

Hema Tandon
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Re: Need to create a SAS utility

I'm not sure what you mean by desktop "utility" or SAS utility. SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) is one of the client desktop applications that are part of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform. WRS is a thin-client, browser-based client application that allows end-users to access and report on data sources and OLAP cubes that have been defined (by data managers) in a SAS Metadata repository.

Are you using the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform in the development of your desktop "utility"??? If so, then reading the documentation and the Integration Technologies Developer's Guide
-- will be the place to start.

What SAS software do you intend to use in the development of this utility??? SAS/AF?? SAS/Macro?? SAS/Enterprise Guide??? SAS/IntrNet??

What does your "utility" need to do?? Who is the defined audience for the utility?? What platform does your utility need to run on? Without knowing more information, it is hard to come up with any recommendations, or to even know whether this is the correct forum for your question.

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