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Mandatory Predefined Filter

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Mandatory Predefined Filter

Hi Everyone,

We'd like a way to force the use of a particular predefined filter as soon as the user selects an item for reporting. For example, I am selecting an item called "age group" which always requires selection of one of 20 or so predefined age groupings.

In other words, the background join from age to age grouping is dependent on the selection of one of the many possible groupings (i.e. part of the where clause).

When the user selects "age group" we want to ensure that the prompted filter is used at report run time rather than assuming that the user will always turn the prompted filter on.

We have about 50 maps where we'd like to use this functionality.Any thoughts?

p.s. We're still using 9.1
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Re: Mandatory Predefined Filter

Thank you. I shall pass this along.
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Re: Mandatory Predefined Filter

It is my understanding that we are currently working on this feature for future releases and will be called, “prompted prefiltering”.
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Re: Mandatory Predefined Filter

What you can do is estabilish a SAS Stored Process and associated prompt, add to the Information Map and then this will force all Web Reports to utilize the Stored Process prompt.

Basic Steps:
1. The metadata must exist for the table, but the table doesnt need to exist.
We create a library in Sas Management Console called 'Report Temp' and place metadata for tables there.
2. The beginning of the stored process code must then reassign this library to WORK so that users arent overwritting the results of other users.
libname reportt (work);
3. Add the appropriate code and prompt to the sql query so that the parameter is passed correctly.
4. Add the stored process to the information map.

This was performed for improving sql queries to data sources such as Oracle. See the article I posted earlier this year:
It also includes additional examples and KB entries from SAS.

Angela Hall
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