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MDX in Stored Process

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MDX in Stored Process

Hi All,

My apology for being a bit lazy of not doing the R&D, but having an interesting encounter with a client who is still using SAS 9.3,  Though we are in midst of discussion of modernizing this environment to SAS VA,  we still have to currently cater to their requirement.

wherein they would want all OLAP based web report to have a functionality , which would allow them to export in an PDF / Word / Excel,   We tried showcasing how they can achieve this by using various options with Web Report /  opening in Excel / opening Word.

they want it to be a link to be provided on the screen which should allow them this functionality.   Thus we are speculating to use hyperlinks as part of the footer, and these hyperlinks would be linked to Individual STP to generate the report in the required format.

The question that I have,  is  How would I be able to capture the MDX that is been generated in the back ground and pass it to the STP,

Would appreciate if anyone can help in the above or mention if there is a more elegant way of doing it.

Thanking you in advance.

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Re: MDX in Stored Process

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Possibly consult with Don Henderon. He showed me a method where the stored process cataloged what the user selected and then I was able to replay it to a PDF available from a footnote.  I'm not sure if this is what you are trying to do but it's a cool technique.


Here's the post he wrote about it

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