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Linking reports

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Linking reports

Hi all,

I'm trying to link one report(A) to another(B) by click a emplyee in A and B shall show the emp info in report B.

In Report A, I specify link to B, and then I have to add witch pre filter that shall be populated(employee_no). This works fine. Then when B pops up, I'll have to click "view report" and only the specified employee is visible.

But is it a way to do this without having the prefilter page visible in report B?
So when I click a row in A(an employee) report B pops up with only that employee?

Cheers, H

SAS Web Report Studio 3.1
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SAS 9.1 (TS1M3)
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Re: Linking reports

It is possible to associate values in a source report with a prompt value in a target report, thereby bypassing the prompt window. If that is your goal, this sample might help: If you are performing the tasks correctly and the prompt window still appears, then you might be running into this issue:

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