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Linking Prompts for Multiple STP for BI dashboard 4.3

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Linking Prompts for Multiple STP for BI dashboard 4.3


My objective is to create a dashboard using the BI Dashboard 4.3 which will be a combination of 4 stored processes which will be used as a source to the indicators. Based on the objectives of what we are trying to create, the indicators are supposed to be filtered on certain attributes such as Time and type of comparision. 3 of the stored processes that are feeding 3 indicators on the dashboard needs to be filterd on exactly same attributes and the 4th one additionally needs to be filtered on TYPE of product.

My question is if it's possible to have users just filter the value once and the input is passed on to all the 4 stored processes for that dashboard rather than having users select the values seperately for each and every STP.

If their is not a simple way to do that, then I am directionally looking at couple of alternatives like creating a single stored process and outputting 4 different SAS datasets from it, each feeding a different indicator on the dashboard. The downside to that is the performance of the dashboard as it will take more time to get the results back to the indicators.... I am wondering if MP Connect can be used to create these 4 datasets simultaneously within a single stored process.

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Re: Linking Prompts for Multiple STP for BI dashboard 4.3

You can set up interactions between the indicators, check my attempt to explain this in detail.
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