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   1) I would like to know what kind of SAS applications are using JRE. Are also the Sas portal/Web reports included in this list?

   2) Do you know if JRE 1.8 is compatible with SAS 9.3? I cannot find it on this site list: SAS 9.3 Support for Java Runtime Environments.

Thank you very much!

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SAS provides their own JRE with each package and uses that to run its java-based components (SMC, OLAP Cube Studio, etc). I'd stick with the SAS-provided JRE for as long as you use a certain SAS version.

For the web services (WRS, StoredprocessServer, etc), SAS relies on a web application server. With SAS 9.2, I had to install jboss, which will basically work with any JRE that's available. You may have to edit the jboss start script to set the correct JAVA_HOME there. The fine thing: if the new JRE causes problems, just reverse the edit in the start script.

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SAS Management Console, SAS IML Studio uses per default the private JRE delivered by SAS.

In some cases SAS uses the standard JRE installed on the PC.
For example SAS Enterprise Miner thin client which can be launched via Java Web Start.

With us SAS EM 12.1 thin  client (which comes with SAS 9.3 TS1M2) works with Java JRE 1.8 Update 31.

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