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Information Map and security

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Information Map and security


     I have a question about implementing row level security filters on an infomap. I have a filter that lets a user see data related to them.

For eg. I have a report created using the infomap with an employee filter (using row level security).

       When the employee logs in to the portal and accesses the report, he only sees data related to him (employee performance)

I have got this working, but now I am trying to figure out, how to take it to the next level.

The next requirement is, when a supervisor logs in to the portal and accesses a report (either the same report the employee accesses or a different report but will have to be created using the same info map) the supervisor should be able to view the performance of all the employees who report to her.

My SAS security table has the following structure


userID  empID   managerID
user001  user001  user004

In the group above, user4 is a manager. so when she logs in she needs to see her individual performance and the performance of user1,user2 and user3.

Can any one provide any suggestions on how to accomplish this. I am trying to use the same information map for both employee level reports and supervisor level reports.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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Information Map and security


   Please use the row level security in Information Map. When u go to create filter in Information Map u will find the Row Level Security.

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Re: Information Map and security

Hi Shri,

You can give the security in the below way.

  • Select Insert ► Filter to open the New Filter dialog box.
  • give a name to the filter, select empid dataitem isequal to Derive Identity Values(for row level permission) (SAS.PersonName or SAS.IdentityName) and add to the combination filter.
  • Then in the same filter, select managerid is equal to  Derive Identity Values(for row level permission) (SAS.PersonName or SAS.IdentityName) and add to the combination filter.
  • use  OR operator to join both the condition.
  • then right click information map -> authorisation -> click employee group -> add condition -> add the filter to the employee group.

Hope this will resolve your issue

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