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IDP and Prompt Window

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IDP and Prompt Window

I have a stored process with prompts being executed on the Information Delivery Portal. Is there a way the window(box) in which the prompts show up for user input, is very small and user has to use the scroll bar to get to all the prompts that require user input. Is there a way in which the prompt window size can be increased?

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Re: IDP and Prompt Window

For Stored Processes viewed in Portal, I would recommend building a prompt window from scratch. You will have more flexibility for styles and layout.

'from scratch' - can be done in a variety of ways:
1. web page HTML form (Portal would point to the .htm/.html page)
2. Stored Process html form code - (portal would point to the stored process)
3. Custom Input Form - (portal would continue to point to your current stored process view where this custom input form would be presented.)

~ Angela
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