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How to build turn off sort function spark table

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How to build turn off sort function spark table



Very, very, new user to SAS BI Dashboard. Always been a PC-SAS guy so this world is very new to me. Anyway, I have a spark table in a mock dashboard that lists several medical DEPARTMENTs and their respective budgetary info for several columns. 


At the bottom of this, I have a line for the totals of each of these columns. I always want this line at the bottom of the table. The issue is, if the end-user sorts the data, they displace this summed lined. I don't want this to be able to happen.



So I see two options.

1) Turn off the sort function

2) Keep the sort function on - but "freeze" the bottom row so it doesn't move


Are either of these possible?


I've attached a screenshot with the row I want to be affixed highlighted yellow.



spark table.PNG
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