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Hierachy: Shared bottom level members

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Hierachy: Shared bottom level members


I have an accounts hierachy with about 10 000 botton level accounts
that roll up into various relationship managers. now one account
can be managed by multiple managers. I remember in Oracle Hyperion
a bottom level member can be "shared" between loads of parents.
How is this done in SAS OLAP?

On this page:
I read "You cannot share levels between dimensions." Which does not sound so good to me.

The relationship of those 10 000 bottom level members comes from a nice flat table that I
can design according to what SAS OLAP likes but I am not keen to use SAS OLAP Cube studio
to hand pick my bottom level member allocations.
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Re: Hierachy: Shared bottom level members

Hi Angela,
Thanks for the reply.
My problem has nothing to do with security. When I say "shared" I dont mean
shared in terms of access but shared between different parents.
So one level 0 account can be under level 1 "John Smith" and level 1 "bob healey"
and when this level 0 account changes, it is seen by both level 1 account managers. I think the nice thing behind this idea is that the data is --not--stored twice but just referenced twice. a similar idea in SAS might be "multiple hierachies" but its not exactly what I want.
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