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Has anyone tried redesigning SAS Information Delivery Portal?

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Has anyone tried redesigning SAS Information Delivery Portal?


We have an original looking SAS Information Delivery Portal, with tabs down the left side, and a small "logo" on top of the page. So 1990!

Mostly used to run stored processes and view pre-rendered html-output/pdf-output.


Has anyone ever tried redesigning this look?


What I'm trying to accomplish is;

- a modern look

- use background processing/ajax queries

- keep the security-settings and the pages from the portal



Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter?

Should I try and create a new theme(?) for the portal - is it possible with the new ideas in mind?

Should I create a new web-page, served from a web-server, which reads metadata and serves up a hole new menu-system?


Ideas, thoughts, anything is welcome.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get all aspects of my challenge described, so if anything is unclear, I'll be happy to clarify.




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