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Filters and Linked Reports

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Filters and Linked Reports

I've been trying to do some research on passing prompt values from one report to a linked report, and it seems like about the only way to do this is via a stored process that updated/reads a table...  Is there some other solution that I'm just missing?

In report 1, you select a start and end date.  Report one is linked to another report and some of variables are tied to filters on report 2.  But report 2 always prompts me for the start and end date because I can't figure out how to pass those values...  This seems like something that should be built in, but I'm guessing it's not?

I'm not having a great deal of luck with the "stored process/table update" method, and I'd prefer not to create 2 seperate information maps tied to seperate stored procs as described in that method.  Any other ideas that I could try?

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Re: Filters and Linked Reports

If you have start and end date in your report it should be possible to link direcly to report#2.

In report2 you need prompts for date and those are the ones you use when linking....

I might have missed something thou....

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Re: Filters and Linked Reports

You have to create a link between prompt in report 2 and filter value in report 1. It will always prompt values if you open report 2 directly but works if you click from one report to other.

This link should help you to understand how it works.

If you don't have the possibility to create a link between two reports then you need additional rights. You have to be a member of a Web Report Studio role that has the "Advanced Report Creation: Create Report Links" capability.

It takes maybe few times to try out but it is quite easy to understand process.

Hope it works for you also...

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Re: Filters and Linked Reports

In WRS, you can only link reports using characters vars - dates in SAs are Numeric.

26174 - Using SAS® Web Report Studio to pass prompt values between linked reports

Might be different in latest version of WRS

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Re: Filters and Linked Reports

From SAS programmer point of view, prompts are macro variables. So here are some suggestions:

1. Use ONE stored process for both reports.

2. Make sure the macro variables are global.


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