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Filtering drill downs

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Filtering drill downs

Hi All,
This might be simple; I am trying to filter OLAP cubes so that the people viewing the reports can drill through some levels and not others. Is there a way I can do this as I am new to OLAP cubes.
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Re: Filtering drill downs

It sounds like you're interested in setting a filter based on the group the user is in.
An example - the Sales team would only see Sales data, where the Executives could see everything.

Check out the SAS 9.2 documentation summarizing Cube Security:

There are several different ways to do this, however you might find the first to be the easiest to implement. (Permissions on Cube Dimensions)

~ Angela
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Re: Filtering drill downs


Thanks for the link. I think the versions of OLAP studio and Management Console I am using dont have most of the selection items.

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