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Exploting cubes from SAS Portal

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Exploting cubes from SAS Portal


I am using SAS OLAP server to make cubes.

I want to explote cubes from SAS Portal.

I think that I have to do the cube with SAS OLAP server, then use Map Information Studio
to create metadata to use the cube from SAS Web Report Studio and then publish the
Report in SAS Portal. Am I right?

I think there are may steps to see the cube from SAS Portal, is there any easyest way??

Thanks in advance

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Re: Exploting cubes from SAS Portal

Well, you can access OLAP cubes directly from WRS. Whether you want/need to use an Information Map or not, is a design decision.

Another option would be the Web OLAP Viewer for Java, but that hasn't been developed since 9.2...

Yet another option is to use a 3rd party viewer that supports MDX.

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Re: Exploting cubes from SAS Portal



That's the way we usualy do it:

- Build the cube

- Create information Map based on the cube

- Build report in WRS on Information Map

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