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Error ocurring in Edit Mode

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Error ocurring in Edit Mode

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has come across this issue before and if there is any way to save my report.

I have created a report which filters some of the report elements on variable called chart_number and one section is filtered on a variable called chart_type, the report was working fine and doing exactly what I wanted.

I then had to change the scope of the report and ended up renumbering all the charts, therefore the variable chart_number changed as did chart_type for some of the associated chart_numbers.

I opened the web report again to change the filtering within the report to reflect this, and as expected the report elements do not render charts or tables in view mode, but when I try to switch to edit mode I get an error window pop up saying that the report cannot be edited because it was not created in WRS or there are security issues.

Any ideas anyone?
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Re: Error ocurring in Edit Mode

Please take a look at and see if this helps.
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