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Email through web report studio (PDF) format

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Email through web report studio (PDF) format

We are struggling with many basic problems of SAS and most of the times the answer from SAS is that it's a tool limitation. As our problems are very basics, I am sure some one must have solved it.

I'll appreciate if we can get answers for following question.

We want to send reports automatically through emails from web report studio. We have accepted that SAS cannot send report in excel format. The other option we have is PDF as we don't want to go with embedded html due to many reasons.

Now when we send out the email, and some one takes a print out, it's so tiny that you literally have to use magnifying glass to view it. We went and checked all the settings, but nothing helped. SAS Team on site also trying their best but so far no result.

I'll appreciate if you can help me with how you have handled this, as it's bringing our IT embarrassment in front of management, who want to print the reports as well.

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Re: Email through web report studio (PDF) format

I don't know the answer but for anyone being able to give you a response you will have to provide the exact version and OS you're using.

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Re: Email through web report studio (PDF) format

Thanks Patrick for highlight the missing info :-)

Here are the details: We are using SAS 9.3 suit (with all the latest patches installed). Web Report Studio version is 4.4.

Server OS is Windows 2008 server

Client OS is Windows 7

Microsoft Office version is 2010.

We are using SAS MS Office Addons 5.1

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Re: Email through web report studio (PDF) format

It sounds like you might be running into the issue in this SAS note:

48059 - Printed appearance might be smaller than expected when using SAS® Web Report Studio 4.3 or l...

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