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Dynamic Prompts

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Dynamic Prompts


I need to create a set of prompts that are dynamic, cascading, but have an option for user not to specify one of more items.

For example, I will provide the users with three prompts: date ranges, state and city. A user can specify a date range (12/1/2010 to 12/20/2010) and states (CA, NY) and City (San Francisco,New York). Or the user should have the option to not to select any city, in this case, all cities in CA and NY will be displayed. Or the user can select only date and cities and without the need to specify the states.

I look at the cascading prompts in information map, it seems that if you specify a prompt, it becames a required item and the user must provide a value.

Any work around for this kind of prompts?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Dynamic Prompts

Several options might be considered a workaround for this scenario.

1st - look into the Information Map Studio Help 'Guidelines for Establishing Dependencies between Prompts' in the rules & guidelines section. The example (within the 'Establish dependencies between prompts' link) specifically mentions an 'all possible values' option.

2nd - When using a separate table to generate the dynamic selections I have seen additional rows with a "dummy" selection such as 'All States' work in this scenario.

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Re: Dynamic Prompts

Thanks for pointing me to the menu.

Yes. there is an option for "All possible value". It is a check box inside the include special values box in the prompt type and values window.(tab)

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