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Dynamic Data Items / Data Item Names in an InfoMap

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Dynamic Data Items / Data Item Names in an InfoMap


Assume the following table with 3 fields:

Contract  Start_Dte   End_Dte
CTR001    01JAN2013   31DEC2015

CTR002    01JUL2012   31DEC2014

CTR003    01JUL2012   31JAN2013

I want to build an InfoMap allowing the user to compare the number of active contracts on 2 different dates, for instance on 31DEC2012 there are 2 active contracts (CTR002 and CTR003) and on 31MAR2013 there are also 2 active contracts (CTR001 and CTR002).

To achieve this I want to build an InfoMap with a Data Item with a dynamic name, being the result of

       CASE WHEN "&date"d between Start_Dte and End_Dte then 1 else 0 as Dte_&date

where &date is the result of a prompt. So the name of the data item depends on the answer on a prompt.

In a query the user should be able to select this data item twice, generating 2  columns in the result, for instance: Dte_31DEC2012 and Dte_31MAR2013.

Is this possible?



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