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Date promts in web report studio and stored process

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Date promts in web report studio and stored process

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with prompts in web report studio.

I made a stored process and defined two prompts: Year and Month, that are linked to two tables. Each table is made in the following way:the first column has a date in the format ddmmyy and the second one is year(date) or month(date). I've set the settings so you can view in the prompts the result of year(date) and month(date). If I test the stored process with EG, the prompts and their visualized values are correct.

The problem is that when I create a report in web report studio, instead of visualize the year "2016", I see  "1 january 2016". The same happenes with the month: I see "1 january 2016" insted of "january".

I hope I was clear.

Thanks for helping me!

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