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Date - Information Map join

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Date - Information Map join

In Information Map, I need to join the following in advanced edit:

MM/DD/YYYY (char)

to either

YYYYMMDD (numeric) or DATETIME20 (DDMMYYYY:00:00:00)


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Re: Date - Information Map join

Hard to understand what you're looking to do but seems like you need to get all three of your dates in the same format. Input() function can be used to get char. to date. format and a datepart() function will extract the date from the datetime variable.
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Re: Date - Information Map join

Because these are two different data types, I need to find a way to join them in Information Map.  I cannot "first" get the data types the same in that software.

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Re: Date - Information Map join

Your inquiry suggests that you don't have an organized data model. That would be OK in a Staging area, but definitely not in the data mart layer which fronts the end users.
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