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Data doesn't refresh in WRS

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Data doesn't refresh in WRS



I've encountered something strange.

We've build a report direcly on a table (so no cube or information map). The report seems to work. BUT.... When I 'alter' the data (just a calculated value) in SAS EG the data in the report in WRS doesn't change. We've tried:

- Refresh report in WRS

- Save report, close report, reopen report in WRS

- Save report, close report, logoff WRS, login in WRS

- Save report, close report, logoff WRS, start new browser, login in WRS

- Change saved location and let another user login an open the report

- Alter refresh-preference in WRS (automaticly to manualy en back)



- In EG we see the correct results

- In a new EG-session we also see the correct results

- Refresh metadata in management-console (why..... we didn't change structure, just a calculated value)

- Refresh objectspawner


So why isn't the report showing the correct values?

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Re: Data doesn't refresh in WRS

Are you POSITIVELY sure that you access the same physical dataset in both applications (EG and WRS).

I ask that because we often have a separation between base datasets and datasets registered in metadata for use in WRS.

The latter are updated regularly via batch jobs, to separate "working" datasets from "report" datasets.

Specifically, look how a possible information map is defined.

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Re: Data doesn't refresh in WRS

Thank you for your question. It made me question my own assumption. And you are correct (as always). It is not the same datasource. The report(s) are build on the 'shared data' where as the psychical data is stored somewhere else. That means I'm depending on a batchjob, as you pointed out.


Now I have two options.

1. Find out how to trigger a refresh/update batch

2. Use a cube or information map because I know how to trigger a refresh there

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