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Data Explorations and WRS4.3

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Data Explorations and WRS4.3


Has Anyone upgrade to the M3 4.3 Clients in Particular on the Midteir? The reason for asking as I have been told (and Read) the Data Explorations (DE) and the WebOLAPViewer are no more and have been replaced by WRS functionality.

I have been told (and Read), but not shown, that the DE bookmarks are converted to a WRS report. Has anyone seen this, if a DE has multiple bookmarks do you get multiple sections in the WRS report or do you get multiple WRS reports?

Any advice on your experiences etc would be appreciated.


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Re: Data Explorations and WRS4.3

Here are some bullet points about the WRS 4.3 integration:

For data explorations that contain bookmarks, each bookmark is saved as an individual report.

SAS Generated Information Maps can be opened like any other information map if the user has the Allow Direct Access to Information Maps capability.

Data items in the slicer role are surfaced as hidden data items.

You can open a cube directly with the Allow Direct Access to Cubes capability

The ability to save views is implemented in 4.3 as the new ability to copy report sections.

Here are a couple of related SAS notes:
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Re: Data Explorations and WRS4.3

Thanks for the quick response....

Any SAS users out there had experiences of doingb the upgrade?

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Re: Data Explorations and WRS4.3

We just upgraded to WRS 4.3 and did not have the knowledge beforehand that the Data Explorations and OLAP Viewer were being discontinued. Well, we were extremely surprised and disappointed that our VDEs were converted to reports (.srx). Our users liked the functionality that was provided before; e.g. adding a chart with the click of an icon, easily viewing all available dimensions and hierarchies, bookmarking, and the easy way to change the information that was displayed.

Now we will have to train the users all over again on how to 'Select Data' to customize the display. They also lost much functionality.
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Re: Data Explorations and WRS4.3

I agree,

And to make WRS totally like DE you need your users to be Authors, which in my mind wrong.... I Know I could create my own roles etc,

The VDE was a hit with our users, and we are now struggling to replicate the functionality for them.

I hope SAS re-think what they remove in the future....

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