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Dashboard Creator Constantly Crashes

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Dashboard Creator Constantly Crashes

SAS Folks,

1) Why isn't there an EBI forum for Portal/Dashboard questions?  I thought this was the closest thing, so if you know somewhere else I could look, please let me know.

2) I've spent the last two days trying to build some basic dashboards.  I can't go 30 minutes without something happening that causes IE to crash (the same issue will crash the Flash player in Chrome too).  The source data all has fewer than 1000 rows (usu 100-200).  Some of the things that have caused IE to crash include:

  1. Creating a stacked bar graph (3 stack variables, about 8 bars) where the x-axis was an integer representing the year-month (e.g., 201110).  I tried converting it to a text value but had the same problem.  When I converted it to a date value and used the MonYY format, I can create the graph.  However, I can still cause IE to crash if I try to scale the graph down.
  2. Same as 1, but with a grouped bar graph.
  3. Setting up a sparkline indicator that links to a stacked bar chart (one that works).  The sparkline indicator has 4 rows, and when I click on the bottom row, it crashes.

Is this a common experience, or is there perhaps something wrong with my configuration? 

Client EG: Win7/ 4.3 ( C44006

Client AMO: MSOffice2007/ 4.3 ( C46006

IM Studio: 4.2M2, Implementation Version:902300.0.0.20100324190000_v920m3


Server SAS: AIX/9.02.02M2P09012009

WRS: 4.3, 201102111608591716498807(f0wrs43) Build Date:Feb 11, 2011 Hotfix D26002

IE Version: 8.0.7600.16385

Adobe Flash Verison: 10,3,181,34

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