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Cube dimension Allmember not showing in WRS

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Cube dimension Allmember not showing in WRS

I woold like to collapse to the allMember in WRS  for instance i have a dimension Categories->SubCategories. So you get All Categories-> Categories->All Sub Categories->Sub Categories.

Cant get that going in WRS but am able to see that in EG

All Categories [+]10

drill down

Categories  > All Categories

Cat 1 [+]5
Cat 2 [+]3
Cat 3 [+]2

drill Cat 1 down to

Categories - > All Categories > Cat 1

Sub CategoriesTotal
All Sub Categories [+]5

Categories - > All Categories > Cat 1 > All Sub Categories

Sub CategoriesTotal
Sub Categorie 1.1 [+]2
Sub Categorie 1.2 [+]3

I coold think of 2 dirty ways in doing that in WRS

- hide the dimension 'Categories' , but then you have to put it back in again to be able to drill to see the categories again.

- Putting in an extra field containing only  'All Categories' and 'All Sub Categories' and add those to the dimension.

But that is what i actualy dont want to do.

Is there an other way ?

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