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Compatability problems with WRS and IE 8

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Compatability problems with WRS and IE 8

My organisation has just upgraded our Internet Explorer to IE8 and now I'm finding problems with WRS 4.2 (no maintenence updates have been done yet - they are in the pipeline).

The specific problems I've had so far are that when I try to change the text in a text box I get the following message -

"open quote is expected for attribute "name" associated with an element type "meta".

We also use WRS to create reports in PDF and I now seem to have lost the ability to select which pages/sections I want to print to a PDF file through the file/print opetion.

Are these common problems that will be fixed with the latest maintenence release is installed? Message was edited by: NicolaD
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Re: Compatability problems with WRS and IE 8

Yes, this is a known issue with IE8

If you are running the second maintenance release for SAS Web Report Studio (M2) with the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2 (TS2M3), then try using the browser in Compatibility View.

Otherwise, you will need to wait until version 4.3 is released.

Note that you can create the report in a supported browser, and users should not have problems viewing the report in IE8.
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Re: Compatability problems with WRS and IE 8

Ah thanks BIC_USER_3, I have convinced my organisation to re-install IE7 on my machine to allow me to work with WRS until the maintenence upgrade is installed.
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