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Chart titles missing in PDFs

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Chart titles missing in PDFs

I have a report with a group break for Area, there are 150 Areas. For each Area there are 5 bar charts. We create a PDF of the report for the 150 areas and then split out a report for each area using an external PDF splitter (upon recommendation from SAS consultants) anyway I have discovered recently that some of the chart titles are not displaying fully when the report is converted to PDF. For the first Area (i.e. first value of the group break) all is fine but for all subsequent Areas only the text on the second line of some of the chart titles is appearing, so the first half of the title is missing. It is always the same charts that are affected for each Area, but the titles of these charts are no longer than the ones that are working and are not formatted differently either.

I am using version 4.2 of WRS. Anyone else come across this or know of a solution?

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