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Can I create a date filter on an Information Map?

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Can I create a date filter on an Information Map?

Not sure if this is the right 'community' to post this.  I did not find one for "SAS Information Map Studio".  If this is incorrect, please let me know where I should post this question.

I have created a map and I need to create a filter on one of the date data items.   In the map, I want the filter to be 'Begin_dt <= current_date' and End_dt >= current_date'.  I tried to build a filter by selecting 'New filter', I selected the data item "Begin_Dt", for the condition I selected "Is before or equal to", for Values I selected 'use and expression', then in the expression I used the date funtion so my expression looks like this <<Demographics.Begin_Dt>> <= DATE()   and << Demographics.End_date >= DATE()>>.  I get an error that says "is invalid and cannot be used in a query".

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  Or, is this something I can not do in Information Map?


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Can I create a date filter on an Information Map?

I'm not sure if the logic you are using is going to work in the way you are expecting.

Anyway - if the experession is a cut and paste - then here's what's wrong:

The operator and DATE() are in the wrong place.

<<Demographics.Begin_Dt>> <= DATE()   and << Demographics.End_date >= DATE()>>

The ">>" needs to be behind the data item.

<<Demographics.Begin_Dt>> <= DATE()   and << Demographics.End_date>> >= DATE()


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