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Axis options in WRS 3.1; displaying the x-axis values

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Axis options in WRS 3.1; displaying the x-axis values

Hi all,

I have a problem with how values are displayed on the axis in WRS 3.1.
Is there a way to control how/which values on the x-axis are displayed in WRS 3.1? Without affecting the actual values in the graph?

I have a dataset containing data for everyday, for approx. one whole year;

+example dataset+++++++++++++++++++++++

%let start=18136;
%let stop=18501;

data graph;
do daterange=&start to &stop;output;


With this dataset, I make a graph in WRS with the daterange on the X-axis and 'p' on the Y-axis. Now WRS will display either all of the date values on the X-axis (making it unreadable), or none (making the user clueless on where in time things happen).
What I would like, is to have 1 value on the x-axis for every month (e.g. 01 sep2010, 01oct2010 etc.).

I could not find this feature in the axis properties box of WRS, and from this thread;

I understand that the next thing to do is build a Stored Process (which I did) in which you can control these options.

Still, If anyone knows a workaround it would really help me out.
I tried applying a custom format over the data (in Information Map Studio), displaying only the first of the month. But then WRS displays only the values (p=1 in the example) on the first of the month, not only on the X-axis, but also in the graph.


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