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Associated .srx file properties in metadata

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Associated .srx file properties in metadata

Hi All,

I would like to export the 'external content' details from metadata for web reports, dashboard objects etc (e.g. the physical .srx filename/location). The information is available on the report properties -> contents tab (content associated with item) within SMC.

I've exported as much information as I can get hold of using PROC METADATA (below), yet I cannot find this information.









<XMLSelect search="*[@PublicType=''Report'']" />





Any ideas?



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Re: Associated .srx file properties in metadata

Can you be more specific about what you are referrng to when you say "external content"?

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Re: Associated .srx file properties in metadata

No Problem.

Each Web Report Studio report has a metadata component and associated physical files. A basic web report will just have a physical .srx file stored in WebDAV or the Content Server. When viewing the properties of the metadata report definition in SMC, the 'Content' tab displays the associated file(s).

I would like to query return this information directly from Metadata, the above XML gives me lots of information for all reports but nothing on the physical files.

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