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Are these functions possible by WRS

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Are these functions possible by WRS

I'm a big fan of WRS, but a new user of it. After some exploration, I find it's hard for me to leverage it to realize some functions, I think that's because I don't know much about it. My problems are:
1. Hard to do different graphs on one report that is based on datasets of different structure. Right now, I can only do graphs based on ONE DATASOURCE on a WRS report. What I can do now is to record different stored process in the layout.
- e.g. I can't do a report by the following graphs: one dataset is organized by region, another by customer.
2. Links between reports-although we can do links on the entire charts, but I haven't find a way to link a specific part of chart into another report.
- e.g. I have a bubble chart, for each bubble I need to link to a different report.
3. Macros-I haven't find a way to pass some information from one report onto another through macros, so can't use macros as a parameter to generate dynamic reports.
- It looks like typical operation in WRS can only do some simple data graphing and tables.
Right now I'm doing all these functions by recording stored processes, and publish stored process (as code) onto the information delivery portal.But the interface isn't looking professional. I really love to do all these in WRS since I have seen some super professional WRS designs and loved it! Would anybody tell me just briefly and directionally whether it is possible to realize all these functions in WRS?
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Re: Are these functions possible by WRS

1. You are correct that each report section can use only one cube, table, or information map as a data source. The way to use multiple data sources is to use a combination of cube/table/map and stored processes as you are doing.

2. You cannot link a specific part of a chart to different reports. This has been requested before. If you open a tech support track, we can add you to the list of customers requesting this feature.

3. You can pass values from one report section to prompts in another report or report section. An example of this feature is here:
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