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Calcite | Level 5

Hi Team,


What is the Best option SAS would recommend for a Commercial /Retail  bank keeping Security and support in Context

  1. SAS viya 4.0 on Open-source Kubernetes cluster management.


     2. SAS viya 4.0 on OPenshift cluster from RHEL

 Currently Customer is using SAS viya 3.5 on Premises on VMware VMs .He is looking for Migrating to SAS viya 4.0  on Premises.


Looking for good References from any  Banks/Insurance  Companies using Viya 4.0 on Kubernetes ?  How easy is the Deployment and any  support issues? 



Thanks & Regards

Shashikanth  N 


Ammonite | Level 13

Hi @shashikanth 


Not sure if you have already got some ideas on this topic, but here are my two cents.

For migration from Viya 3.x to Viya 4.x you can check the reference link below for the supported system migrations.

In terms of K8s cluster I would recommend going on OpenShift cluster for reasons like support and security. For vanilla k8s clusters you will have to setup the cluster integrate it with other components like logging, monitoring, ingress etc. Whereas OpenShift platform has these capabilities inbuilt making it easy for operations team to manage the cluster plus you have the Red Hat support available for any issues or vulnerabilities that may effect the cluster. 

Quartz | Level 8

Not sure whether my question is relevant to this subject line, if not my apologies if am posting in the wrong subject post.

Currently we have SAS Viya 3.5 and We would like to know what could be a possible LOE for K8S ? like man hours and timings if we go that path.


Would really appreciate if you guys could provide some information on above


Thank you in advance.





Rhodochrosite | Level 12


Looking at this page

The supported K8S distributions are listed there. if you were to try installing SAS Viya on other K8S distributions, and issues arise during and/or after, you may not be able to get support!


Just my 2 cents, hope this helps 

Quartz | Level 8

Thanks much for your prompt reply
But am looking something on LOE for no.of hours if we go in that direction.
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

LOE will definitely depend on multiple factors

  1. Your choice of Cloud/K8s provider
  2. Your staff skill sets
  3. Your Viya 3.5 contents 
  4. Your security model and requirements
  5. Your compliance and auditing requirements 

I think your best approach, is to pick a certain business area, and experiment with it if you can.

Talk to your SAS Account Executive, he/she can arrange that Prof Of Concept (POC) 


Hope this helps 


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