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Calcite | Level 5

cas mySession sessopts=(timeout=7200 locale="en_US");
libname caspath cas caslib="~/path";

%let 00;
signon user=abcd passwd="XXX" remote=mySAS94;


Facing issue in connecting to remote server using signon statement. 

ERROR: A communication subsystem partner link setup request failure has occurred


Please suggest any solution or else guide us with any alternative steps to connect to remote server using SAS Viya 4.

Super User

How does the server listen? On the telnet port, or on the spawner port? Your server definition needs to include the correct port.

According to the documentation, the password is either the clear text password without quotes, or a SAS-encoded (PROC PWENCODE) password with quotes.

Possible reasons for your ERROR:

  • wrong host and/or port
  • wrong credentials
  • the service (CONNECT spawner, telnetd) is not up
  • a router/firewall blocks the connection

Connect to host and port with telnet and see if you get a response

Calcite | Level 5



Just thought on sharing, my shop had this exact error message for Spawner(SAS Connect), the pc application only returned this message. However when using the REXX process via TSO we identified that the root cause was a bad DR License. The license we received did not had the SAS Connect active under it, however the license was applied successfully and some of the IVP jobs that we had ran successfully.


When receiving this message and being unable to identify the cause, it's worth checking on mainframe side since the pc side never complained about license keys.