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Whether you're a data scientist, machine learning engineer or business analyst, you're probably here because your professional life is about extracting business value from data in the fastest, most efficient way possible. This community exists to help you on your journey. A team of experienced SAS employees monitors this forum. Their mission: see to it that you get timely, useful answers to your questions. As SAS' developer advocate, I will join other SAS counterparts in setting you up for success.


SAS documentation is a great place to begin your search for answers. Didn't find what you need? Hit the orange Start A Topic button in the upper-right section of this forum's home page to craft your question. Here are tips for getting a speedy answer:


    1. Don’t post a new question on an old discussion thread. No one who can help is looking for new questions on old threads.
    2. Avoid posting attachments. Some members' employers prohibit opening them.
    3. Avoid attaching data sets, but let our experts see what you've tried. Copy/paste your data program into the post from another SAS product. Or copy/paste a table from Excel.
    4. Write a descriptive subject line. Be specific. "How Do I Extract a Submatrix?” is better than “Newbie Question.” Use simple language with all relevant details, including:
      • Code and example data, if applicable.
      • An example of what your output should look like.
    5. Click the running man icon in the editor tool bar to add code to your post:

Running-man icon in editor tool barRunning-man icon in editor tool bar


Important: Do not include any confidential data in your posts or anybody’s personal information.


Thank you for making SAS Communities a part of your SAS journey! 

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