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visual analytics report view

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visual analytics report view

Hi All,


For visual analytics report which I would like to give only read only permissions (view only not edit). 


I have created user and assigned this user RM (read metadata) permission in SMC. under the folders tab to a specific folder.


when we logged on visual analytics this user having permissions to view and edit the report. how this edit permission derived? 


If I apply on Read (R)permission , user can't see the folder and its contents(reports).


The requirement is : user should view the report not to edit. (view only) so what kind of permissions to be assigned in smc or va


thanks in advance!



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Re: visual analytics report view

Hi there,

the rights to view and/or edit are set in the management console at user level.

the user has rights to edit or not, no way in between.

rights on folders or reports have no impact on this.


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