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time series plot interaction with list table workaround?

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time series plot interaction with list table workaround?

Hi All,

I'm new to VA.  Have v6.4.

I had hoped to design a report that shows a time series (of counts) and a table listing.  With an interaction such that when user clicks a point in the time series, the values corresponding to that point are shown in the table listing.

I was unhappy to find this in the documentation:  "Tables, graphs, and gauges can be the source of an interaction, with the exception of time series plots."

Is there any recommended work-around that would allow me to fake using a time series plot as the source of an interaction?

In GTL, for example, it's easy to overlay an invisible scatterplot, and use the scatterplot symbols as the source of the interaction (URLdrill ).  But VA didn't want to make a scatterplot of date*count, because the date variable has a role of categorical.  Even if I could trick VA into making a scatterplot, not sure how I would overlay them.  Perhaps I would need to make a custom plot, which is a time series with a 100% transparent  scatterplot overlayed?

I'm on day 2 of playing with VA, so happy for any suggestions.



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Re: time series plot interaction with list table workaround?



I have tried to use a customized graph with a time series and a scatter plot. The combined graph still cannot be used for the interaction. So this is not a solution. 

Can you let me know if you have come across any potential solution?





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