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strategy to update/fully refresh LASR table

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strategy to update/fully refresh LASR table

In Our Project We are using SAS VA to create dashboards. Requirement is to fully refresh the LASR datasets consumed by the Dashboards on a daily basis.

As per my understanding to fully refresh the data we can

1) Drop and Re-create the LASR table (Use Data step) OR
2) First create a Create a temporary LASR table, then truncate the parmanent LASR Table and append with temporary data (Use Proc Imstat to truncate main table and append the temporary table)

Then there is flag based approach, but to apply this we need to store 2 copies of the same data till the data swapping happens.

In both the approaches there is a considerable down time for the end user till the data gets refreshed/re-created, since we are dealing with huge datasets of 100's of million records.
I would like to take the input from the experinced SAS/LASR Users if there is any other efficient approach/mechanism that can do this processing faster?

Any help/Input would be appreciated.




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