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sort order on bar chart changes 7.1

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sort order on bar chart changes 7.1



I have a weird situation where i can sort my bar charts by date (ascending) as they should be, and they'll stay that way for a while.


However after some time the order changes (usually alphabetically).  I am using a date field.  The crosstabs will retain the order but the bar charts do not.


Any idea on why this is?  I have to repeatedly go into reports and change the order back.


This also happens with formatted orders.  Meaning if i create custmom format in SAS and custom sort in VA, I'll get eh same issue.







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Re: sort order on bar chart changes 7.1

Hi Dave,


Not sure if this is applicable to your question but I experienced the same and after some investigation I found the root cause in the designer:


When you sort your graph (asc or desc on category) and you delete an item from the data tab this will reset the full report back to the initial settings which is sort on measure (High > low) even if the deleted item is not used anywhere in your report/graph. Tables and cross tabs will stay untouched.





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