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simple sql query on SAS VA library gives error

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simple sql query on SAS VA library gives error

23 proc sql;
24 select * from lasrlib.bb_may2015;
ERROR: More than one LASR Analytic Server table with the provided host/port was found in metadata.
NOTE: The table LASRLIB.BB_MAY2015 does not exist in the SAS LASR Analytic Server on host 'localhost', port 10031.
ERROR: File LASRLIB.BB_MAY2015.DATA does not exist.
ERROR: The datasource table LASRLIB.BB_MAY2015 does not exist.


Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

I am running SAS VA 7.1 on MS sql server db/ MS windows nt server.

I have 3 VA related libraries -

a)Visual analytics LASR library (VALIBLA)

b)Visual analytics public data provider (DPPUBLIC)

c)Visual Analytics Public LASR (LASRLIB)




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Re: simple sql query on SAS VA library gives error

It seems that you may have your library registered more than once in metadata and the table isn't loaded into memory. 


From the snippet, it appears you may be writing the code in SAS Enterprise Guide. Is that the case? If so, can you access the table directly in SAS Visual Analytics? Maybe the table is loaded into another VA library?



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