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sas va

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sas va

HI ,


 I have very good and valid question on VA


there is a processed data and summarized in in etl and this data(table) can be used for VA reporting.


first i have loaded the into hadoop and lasr .


where as the problem is i have to do as incremental not full load every data into hadoop and lasr... 


need a solution whether it is possible to load incremental data into VA (HADOOP AND LASR). OR 


What is the alternative. as it is not a good idea to load huge data into VA(another copy we have already same data in db) and using as a another source to develop the reports.

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Re: sas va

Yes, you can do incremental loads into a table in LASR, then I suggest you also trigger a process to save that table back into Hadoop so as not to lose the updates if someone reloaded the original table. See the documentation on appending to a table in LASR.
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