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sas va hdfs

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sas va hdfs

Hi ,


I Have a question ..if want to load the data into HDFS in sas va . first i should store in the LASR an then add to HDFS?


or can I directly load the data into HDFS and access for my report ?


or Only Upload the table into LASR and can access for my report?


or Eevery time I should do both the tasks first I should add into HDFS and then Load a table to LASR Server.


Appreciate your help.

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Re: sas va hdfs

To be able for a report to access your data, it must reside in LASR.

You can chose to load it directly to LASR, and then later store a copy in hdfs (SASHDAT).

Or, you can first store it to hdfs (SASHDAT), and from there load it to LASR.

For more details, seek documentation material, presentations, tutorials and regular/e-training.

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Re: sas va hdfs

Hi @vallsas,


As @LinusH mentioned, I'd suggest to read the SAS Visual Analytics documentation and SAS papers. Some papers you may find useful are:

Tips and Techniques for Efficiently Updating and Loading Data into SAS® Visual Analytics

Best Practices in SAS® Data Management for Big Data


and you can search for further papers at http://www.lexjansen.com


With regards to looking up the SAS Visual Analytics documentation, the best place is at http://support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/va/index.html and selecting the appropriate documentation for the version of SAS Visual Analytics you have installed.


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