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sas va added values

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sas va added values



There is a sas va exist in a project and what else could be an added value if we add more sas applications...assume that EG also exist...



what else(sas tools) can we suggest to client for better analyics or data management 

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Re: sas va added values

Hi Vall,


There are lot of SAS Component that can be used to build the entire project, but again it depends on the requirement of client that exists. The environment that has to be created/ project that has to be completed decides various SAS component that has to be included. e.g. 
VA can be used for reporting purpose
EG can be used for data messaging and various other activities
Content Catagorization tool can be used for categorization of the text...

Forecast Server/Desktop can be used to do forecasting
Visual Statistics can be used for doing various stats activites 
EMiner, DI etc etc for various other activities


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