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sas va 7.3 hub modern interface

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sas va 7.3 hub modern interface

my sas installation was set to show the hub as the flash format.

i want reports to show in flash format because of export to xls feature.

but i would like for the hub to show in HTML5.


is this possible and how?



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Re: sas va 7.3 hub modern interface

The mode of SAS Home (hub) and the viewer can be set separately in SAS Management Console. The property to set the appearance for SAS Home is home.ui.mode. The documentation is here:




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Re: sas va 7.3 hub modern interface

In this post Modern vs Classic Theme - I give step-by-step instructions for making the change on the Hub and the Viewer.



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Re: sas va 7.3 hub modern interface

i have the hub up and running in the new modern interface.  one of the panels is the Welcome window.

it shows "welcome [user name]" and has a different color background.


how do i change the content in this message box?



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Re: sas va 7.3 hub modern interface

The colored message box you're referring to is a tile.  SAS Home (formerly known as the SAS Visual Analytics Hub) does not provide users or administrators a way to change the text in the Welcome tile.  Users can hide the Welcome tile if they don't want to see it.



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